From immersing myself in online communities to networking while on the show floor of conventions, I’ve done my best to find stories anywhere I can. While there are literally thousands of stories with my byline on them, here are some of the ones I am most proud of.

I took a job listening to your Siri conversations

Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa aren’t your personal confidant. This investigation into low-wage gig economy revealed that recordings from personal voice assistants are shared with unexpected sources.

The Internet of Things is already here—just not the way you expected

The Internet of Things has been held up as the future of tech. It’s also the present of tech and while it’s done wonders for the supply chain of businesses, it’s wreaking havoc on consumers.

Uber's $1,000 'cash advances’ are payday loans in disguise

A pilot program from Uber looked an awful lot like a payday loan disguised as a signing bonus. State regulators in California began investigating the program as a result of this story.

Internet privacy rules could be killed by Senate

A scoop that revealed the U.S. Senate intended to use the Congressional Rule Act to kill rules that would have kept broadband providers from collecting customer data without permission.

What the internet will look like without Net Neutrality

 Before the Trump administration repealed net neutrality, members of the transition team laid out their plan—and intenret advocates warned what it would mean if enacted. 

A look at Eventbrite's bonkers 10,000-word user agreement

When Eventbrite updated its user agreement, it required users to grant the company unprecedented access to their events, including the ability to film shows in their entirety. This story prompted the company to change its policy.

A notorious scammer tricked Twitter into thinking he was in Syria

During an airstrike in Syria, a verified Twitter account started sharing photos and videos of the situation. Problem was, he account operator wasn’t in Syria and was sharing misleading information. The account operator was a known internet grifter who was suspended by Twitter after this story was published.

Capital Gazette shooting suspect once sued the paper

A scoop reported in the wake of a targeted mass shooting carried out against newspaper company Capital Gazette that revealed the suspected shooter had once sued the publication for reporting on his online harassment of one of his former high school classmates.